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Being bisexual doesn't give you a pass to cheat.

As a woman who has been bisexual since she discovered her own sexuality, it really drives me insane when bisexual women claim they can just sleep with women willy nilly at no expense to their relationship, and that this is the basis for all relationships, or should be because sleeping with a person of the same sex isn't "cheating".

I have been with my significant other for 14 years this coming July. When my partner and I first got together I made sure I told him that I was bisexual. I made sure to communicate that I really enjoyed being with other women, We agreed that upon certain terms that it would be perfectly ok for me to sleep with women. Some of those terms included just me pleasing women while he watched, but also him joining in on the fun. These types of boundaries may not be right for you or your relationship. I recently seen a post on social media. It was something to the tune of "Ladies would your man be mad if you slept with a chick without him knowing?" A majority of answers mostly from women went like this "Only if he's a pussy would he care", "only if he wasn't a real man", "no because it's not cheating if its another person of the same sex" and so on. Let's make something clear. Cheating is literally anything that hasn't been discussed with your current significant other in reference to intimate relationships with other people, even people of the same sex. Someone being the same sex as you does not give you the right to cheat on your person just because you want to. If you're wanting to sleep with someone, other than your partner, and you have not had an adult conversation with the person you supposedly love about your feelings despite being bisexual, you are cheating. You are breaking the expected boundaries of your relationship.

How can you claim to love someone and then call them a "pussy" or state they aren't a "real man" because they feel betrayed for the intimacy you had with another person behind their back. If you want to explore other people sexually, aside from your partner, you need to communicate that. Everyone always wonders why relationships don't last anymore. This is why. Thinking it's Okay to blatantly disrespect your partner and the expectations of your relationship. As adults we need to take accountability for our feelings and actions. Being bisexual does not give you the right to hurt others in your relationship. Stop giving bisexuals a bad reputation by spreading information that insists that men who get cheated on by their girlfriends/wives with another person of the same sex, aren't real men.

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