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My hair "Curled up and died" thanks to this salon owners negligence.

Updated: May 13, 2022

It's been 8 years since I have dyed my hair. My hair has completely grown out previous bleaches and dye. I do not use any harmful shampoo or conditioner that is filled with toxic chemicals or silicone. Typically, my sister who is a licensed Cosmetologist does my hair. However, she is a very busy person and a hard worker. I grew impatient.

I thought to myself "why not support a small business and a friend." I had a "friend" named Khyrsten. We met a little over 6 years ago when I donated breast milk to her for her baby. I considered her a close friend after so many years. She recently became a salon owner. She is the only one employed at her salon. I thought no better way to support a small business and friend than by getting my own hair done, and bringing a friend along for a hair cut. My friend Ashley and I were both excited to have a fresh look and feel fabulous. However, after leaving Khyrsten's salon, we looked anything but fresh and did not feel fabulous.

We arrived at Khyrsten's salon (Curl up and dye with Khyrsten, in Greensburg Pa) on April 10th 2021, she was about twenty minutes late to our appointment. I'm normally late too, so I was fine with it. Khyrsten discussed that she would be doing "peek a boo's" on my virgin hair. Based off her booksy website, that meant 7-8 foils. She began bleaching my hair at 12:30 pm, and told my friend Ashley that she didn't require me to have a consultation before a service because she knew I had virgin hair, and she trusted me.

During the process in which she was bleaching my hair she was drinking beer and toking on her cannabis vape pen. She asked me to smoke a few times but I kept declining because I don't smoke and operate a vehicle. That's dangerous. I also didn't mention anything about the alcohol or cannabis because I was afraid of how she'd react to my suggestion of not partaking during our service. She finished placing foils in my hair at 1:30 pm. For some reason she did 19 foils instead of the 7-8 that were agreed upon. Khyrsten placed me under the dryer for 20 minutes on low heat. So at 1:58 pm I took a photo of myself after I was done processing under the dryer. It is time stamped.

At this time, Khyrsten began washing and cutting my friends hair. During our entire service we all were making jokes about being bisexual. Khyrsten was partaking in the jokes about hitting on women, and having sexual relationships with them. The friend I brought to her salon is someone I am interested in, and my husband knows. For the next 2.5 hours she cuts and styles Ashley's hair. She kept asking Ashley what she wanted done even though Ashley had provided a picture of the style she was going for. She burnt Ashley with the curling iron while she was styling her hair because she was talking and not paying attention.

I began to grow intolerant of the foils and bleach in my hair for those 2.5 hours. I kept making comments about how we had already been gone for 4.5 hours and needed to get home, as the drive was an hour. I'm not someone who just blurts out my feelings, especially if I think they won't be heard. So instead, I began shaking my head a bit, and showing that I was getting frustrated. Saying that I couldn't wait to have them out. Khyrsten kept making jokes about how I was a horrible client and saying she would stab me because I was impatient. Of course I'm not going to express my dismay with the service in person with those kinds of "professional jokes". Another time stamped photo of foils still in my hair two hours after I was done processing.

By the time she had began to go through my hair to add bleach to my roots, she had an extremely hard time finding all the foils she put in, because they were in no specific pattern. She acted nonchalant and wondered through my hair adding more bleach and going to the root. She left this bleach on for about twenty minutes. She finally washes my hair out and of course the roots are extremely brassy while a majority of the hair on my head was actually white. I didn't know until Ashley told me when we left that giant chunks of my hair were falling out in her sink. As soon as I was out of her wash sink I told her it was time to go. We had been there for 5.5 hours already and my kids were waiting for me at home. Khyrsten said this wasn't enough time for a "full service" and she would have never let me leave her salon "looking like that". Whatever that meant. Khyrsten "severely undercharged me by a fuck ton" as she said when I paid her $300.00 plus a 52.00 tip. I even gave her jewelry to knock down the price as she requested. I just paid the money cause I wanted to leave and didn't want to start an argument.

On the way home Ashley had expressed how uneven that parting was and the mistakes that had been made during my service. She said she was concerned about all the hair I lost in the sink. When I finally got home at almost 7pm, my hair was dry. It was then that I could tell how damaged my hair was. The whole under layer of my hair was burnt, fried to a crisp. Even a section in the middle of my head, by my ears, was burnt entirely off at the root. I wanted to cry. I spent 8 years loving my hair and taking care of it, despite cutting it myself and it being uneven and saying I didn't care about my hair. That was a lie. I thought I was doing a good thing, helping a friend and treating myself.

I expressed my concern to Khyrsten via Facebook messenger late that same night. She basically said that I just feel like my hair is burnt. She offered to cut out the burnt section, dye it back to brown, or do a treatment. However, I was so concerned about the damage to my hair I never responded to her. I wanted an apology, but instead she blamed previous pregnancies, hormones, baby hairs, and everything else before accepting that she needed to show some accountability. Here are her messages below from that conversation.

After this conversation it was obvious that she was not going to offer an apology where it was due. So I simply left her on read for two weeks. I never mentioned my unhappiness with my service at Khyrsten's salon on social media. I never named her salon to anyone publicly. Even though she ruined my hair and didn't apologize, I thought it would be cruel. My birthday came and went, and my sister (the licensed cosmetologist) came to see me. She offered to add more bleach to even out the top of my head and color my hair in vivids. I gladly accepted.

I posted pictures on my Facebook of my hair done by my sister, saying how much I loved it. It looks really nice. Khyrsten began mad reacting to the post and all the comments. She messaged me a nasty gram on Facebook calling my friend ugly then blocked me. When I messaged her husband David pictures and videos of the damage done to my hair, recorded by my sister, she sent another nasty gram. Blaming me for moving my head, taking pictures of my "vanilla fuck buddy", and being a horrible client to do hair on. Stated that I refused a consultant which simply isn't true. She was so rude and homophobic, continuously taking stabs at my relationship and sex life. Stating I was rushing home to fuck my husband and friend and that's why my hair turned out so bad. My husband was upset and made a public post about her salon. We discovered at the time of my service she was also practicing under an expired salon license.

As many as seven licensed cosmetologist commented on the situation and the photo evidence. They stated she not only damaged my hair but was extremely unprofessional. They believed she should be reported to the state board for her behavior alone.

These people left reviews on her salon page at their own free will. I did not ask them to do it. However, since the whole fiasco Khyrsten has sent many of her friends and family after people who are upset with the way she treated me. Making fun of them on social media and harassing them. She had me blocked on all social media, then took my number from her booksy website and texted my personal phone telling me to stop contacting her. Khyrsten told me if I didn't stop leaving reviews about her business she would file cease and desist letters. Which I responded that leaving reviews is within my right when I received a service. I told her to not contact me again or I would sue her. Here is the damage she did to my hair. Inconsistent pattern, tiger stripes from leaking bleach, completely burnt off hair in the middle of my head, brassy roots, and a large brown streak in the most fried section of my head.

Its been over two weeks and Khyrsten continuously denies the behavior she displayed, the damage to my hair, and the fact that her salon license was expired for almost 3 months. I wrote this personal blog review because Khyrsten has deleted my reviews and photos from most of the platforms I left them on. She's also sent many friends and family to leave her 5 star reviews and telling people to "not listen to a few bad reviews that have been left."

The truth is I'm not the first person who had their hair totally damaged beyond repair by Khyrsten and she's become verbally aggressive with everyone who has tried to tell her about her mistakes. She claims I'm stalking and harassing her by sharing my experience with others. It is not harassment to share the experience I had for a service I paid money for. She picked the wrong person to bully this time. She's not going to silence me. This will cause blow back as her husband states he's going to make everyone's lives hell for bringing the truth to light. Just know that my proof is insurmountable. Save yourself from experiencing such terrible service.

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